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[03 Jun 2018|05:37pm]
looking to play some of the following scenarios:

1) mother and a couple of her sons friends - she has been sleeping with one and without telling her he invites a few friends over to share (i'd play mother)
2) new girl in town, couple of the football players at a frat party decide to initiate her (i'd play the new girl)
3) girl hitchhiking ends up with more than she can bargain for (i'd play the hitchhiker)
4) girl at a music festival wants to get VIP and offers herself in exchange to one of the bands (i'd play the fan)
5) wife cheating on her husband with his boss (i'd play the wife)
6) sister cheating with her sister's husband (i'd play the sister)

wants: cheating lines, toys, bondage, rough sex, anal. willing to do non consensual, consensual or dub con

open to others and most kinks welcome, don’t be shy!
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[30 Jan 2018|10:34pm]
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